Building a Website for a General Contractor In Scranton

Building For a Builder | Basic Steps To Create A Website For a General Contractor In Scranton

Rudis Enterprise Construction Services Inc.

Rudis Enterprise Construction Services Inc has been building in Scranton PA since 2011. Frankie learned the skills of the trade from his father, uncles and friends. When designing a website for a contractor, you must first realize that they can specialize in many different aspects of construction. Moreover, It is best to meet with them so you can actually determine the feel of their business. Take time to research the projects that they have done, take pictures and ask what kind of social media marketing, ads, and keywords they want to rank for. Doing these simple tasks will make things easier in the long run.

More than Just Home Building in Scranton

Rudis Enterprise Construction Services Inc, to my surprise was more than just a general home builder in the Scranton Area. After meeting Frank, he filled me in on the many different services they actually provide. These data are vital to implementing a key word campaign, as some services are much more profitable than others. After meeting, I determined that Rudis provided commercial and residential services, plumbing, electric work, kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling and property management. It is important to discuss which services your client would want to hit on.

Choosing the right domain name – Construction in Scranton dot com?

So heres a problem that many marketers have in their web businesses- choosing the right domain name for their client. This is variable, and depends, ultimately, on their goals. Are they trying to create a brand, or do they just want “leads”? If branding is their main issue, then it may be best to purchase a domain that mimics their company name.

For us, we ended up choosing

This was quick and simple, and based on the competition in Scranton, we felt that we can rank for key words rather than use an unbranded domain name.

I suppose, contractors who purely want business could choose names like “” or others like that, but this was not what we were going for.

Social Media and Social Signals.. (What?)

This day and age, we are social. The world population stares at their facebook feeds constantly, waiting for the new crazy cat video, or adorable dog video. With that said, it is very, very strongly recommended to create a marketing campaign – and not just on Facebook. There are benefits to all types of social media feeds, pages and platforms. Don’t be afraid to join them all and start posting, because the more “signals” you create, the more traffic you create, the more sales you create for your client.

The Main Points

To make a long post short, the key to all of this is to create warm traffic leads while creating a brand and keeping it elegant.

Use social media to your advantage, maintain full disclosure and communicate with your client often. Discuss what would bring in the best profit and go after it.

Decide if its branding that you are looking for or something else.

Buckle up, its a fun, wild ride.