Getting Started with WordPress

WordPress is probably the most popular platform for blogging with both experts and beginners alike. Perhaps you are interested in starting a blog yourself or just want to learn more about WordPress. If so, continue reading as we provide some useful information for you in your quest to find out more about this blogging platform. 

wordpress-logoIf you are in the beginning stages of developing your WordPress blog, be sure that you use a simple sidebar. You want it to only have the essential elements. Your site visitors will not want to comb through a lot of banners and ads to find the links they want to use. If you have items in Widgets and Appearance that are useless, remove them from your page. 

Use a landing page for your blog. This will take the users to an introduction page first rather than to your most recent posts. There are many reasons you would want to use a landing page on your site, such as promoting yourself or promoting your products. A lot of the themes on WordPress will have a free landing page as an option, though some will cost a little. 

You will want to use both title tags and alt text in your WordPress blog. When you add an image into your post, you have the option to add text as well. Using these areas will give you more spots to place your keywords for SEO while also giving the visitors information about the image. 

If you see that WordPress has an update, download it as soon as you can. With the number of users that WordPress has, hackers love to target it. Updates will normally close any loopholes that the hackers can use to access your page. Not updating immediately will give them a longer opportunity to get into your information. 

Though there are so many options available in WordPress, it is a user friendly place to set up your blog. Hopefully this article has given you a leg up on setting up your blog and doing things right the first time. Be sure to use the information given and prepare yourself to blog to your heart’s content.