Helping with Their Online Strength- The Best Way to build a Website for a Physical Therapist

Understanding Your Client

The first thing that you have to remember when you start to build a website for a new company, is that you have to really get to know your client. With a Physical Therapy business, there are often insider terms for what the company does, and understanding how to translate those services onto a website is important. When you begin the process of building any website, you need to know where the content of the site is going to be focused the most. A Physical Therapy company might have certain areas that they specialize in and it is best to go over all of their services with them to understand how to help them best.

As you are building a Physical Therapy website, you will find it most helpful to understand the work that the therapists have generally done in the past and get stories and recommendations from clients. Making sure to meet with the company to better understand their goals for the site is incredibly important for understanding what to include as well. Now, being that I am from Scranton and I recently worked with a client that does Physical Therapy in Encinitas, This was a challenge. 

Make Sure the Page is Personal

Physical Therapy is a bit different from some of the other businesses that you might want to rank a site for on Google. With Physical Therapy, as opposed to roofing contractors or plumbers, the potential customers are people that need help recovering their bodies. That means that they are interested in who the physical therapist will be and how they are going to help them. On any PT site, it is a good idea to work content into the site in the form of bios for the staff so that they can express their personal investment to potential clients.

Formatting the Content

With PT sites, like was stated in the previous point, people are looking for something a little more hands-on (no pun intended). When you are filling out the content, working on the social media campaigns, or picking out which pictures to use on the web page, you want to make sure that you are really telling a story. You want to do everything you can to convey the personality of the company to potential customers and if possible to frame the company’s story in the form of a journey. Physical therapy patients are on a journey and hearing the background and progression that the company has gone through and can provide for them is important.

So, what is the big takeaway?

With every point that was made in this post, there is a common theme that you should take away: invest time and energy. The work of physical therapy is one of trials, struggle, and ultimately victory. Physical therapy experts and their patients want engaging web pages that identify with that struggle and understand how personal the experience is for them. If you want to impress your client and their customers, get to know them deeply and tell their story justly.