Tips on Designing a User Friendly Website

Knowing how to surf the web doesn’t automatically mean you know how to build your own site. There is a lot that goes into we design if you are wanting a site that not only looks good but is also functional. Here are some tips to help you get started with building your own website. 

website-user-friendly-tipsIf you are adding photos or graphics to your website, you will want the size of the file to be small. Otherwise, when the graphics are too big, your page will lag and slowly load and the visitors to your site will most likely leave. There are a lot of graphics online that are free or low cost and programs that will help to optimize them before you put them on your website. The goal is to have a loading time that is lower than ten seconds. We have become a society of immediate gratification, so visitors want a good looking site that loads quickly in their browsers. 


You will need to keep all of your website designs simple if your site will be used on any mobile devices. Otherwise, it will not be able to be seen easily on the mobile platforms, especially if there are too many images or menus that are complicated. You can either develop a specific site for your mobile users or just keep your initial site simple and clean. 

Designing your website in a way that visitors can use it easily will help you to bring in new users. Having a website that you can update quickly and smoothly will allow you to keep posting information that is relevant to your visitors. It is proven that sites that are updated frequently bring customers back regularly.

Never use animations, such as blinking or scrolling text, on your website. It’s also best to stay away from music that plays automatically when someone visits your page. These things are over the top and can distract the visitors while providing nothing in the way of value. They will also slow down the loading of the pages on your website, making your visitors more likely to become frustrated and leave. 

Using these suggestions should make designing a website an easier task for you to undertake. Following this advice is a great starting point in building a wonderful website that your visitors will enjoy and come back to regularly.